KOBOL IDE and Compiler (CD-Version)

Entwicklungsumgebung und Compiler
KOBOL IDE and Compiler (CD-Version)
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COBOL ist eine Programmiersprache aus dem kaufmännischen Bereich und wurde früher sehr häufig für betriebswirtschaftliche Anwendungen (z.B. Banken, Versicherungen, Großhandel) auf Großrechnern und im Bereich der mittleren Datentechnik (AS400) eingesetzt. Mit KOBOL können diese historischen Anwendungen nun auch unter Linux nutzbar gemacht werden. KOBOL enthält neben einer graphischen Entwicklungsumgebung mit Projektverwaltung und CVS-Integration (Versionsverwaltung) einen vollständig ANSI-COBOL kompatiblen Compiler mit den neuesten objektorientierten Erweiterungen, die unseres Wissens noch in keinem anderen COBOL-Compiler bisher Verwendung finden.

Sprache: Englisch
Betriebssystem: Linux, Windows
CPU-Architektur: x86
Hersteller: The Kompany
Lieferumfang: 1 CDROM in DVD-Box
Lieferzeit: ab Lager
Unser Preis: € 74,95 (incl. 19% MWSt, netto € 62,98)
ab € 49,- versandkostenfrei im Inland

KOBOL is -- we hope -- an obvious play on words for COBOL, which stands for COmmon Business Oriented Language. We therefore refer to KOBOL as KOmpany Business Oriented Language.

KOBOL is fully ANSI COBOL compliant.

KOBOL has taken a unique approach to language compilation and as a result generates true multi-platform executables -- you just have to do it on the target platform. The result of this is that there are no expensive run-time costs associated with KOBOL as there are with most commercial COBOL environments.

When you buy KOBOL you get a license for a single developer, but the price is so low that you could buy about 100 copies before you get to a single user price from other companies.

What else is great about KOBOL? How about an integrated IDE for code development and project management? We've also got syntax highlighting, integrated compiler with status window, integrated CVS support, sophisticated text editor, code completion and best of all it is COBOL.

With KOBOL you can make the move to new platforms like Linux and Windows (for you mainframe types) and preserve your hard earned knowledge of business systems and how they work. With the very low price of KOBOL you take very little risk, but the potential pay off is huge.

KOBOL also has a 100uccess rate with the NIST COBOL85 test suite, however Segmentation and DEBUGGING declaratives have not been implemented.

COBOL programmers have been ignored and taken advantage of with high priced tools for long enough. Now you can really take a step into the world that has been passing you by. With KOBOL you get free lifetime upgrades to the base product. As an example of something we are thinking about that wouldn't be in the base product is support for building Qt based applications.


Want to see all the great things that KOBOL can do for you? Click here to have a look.

KOBOL Eclipse

KOBOL comes with its own multi-platform IDE, however you can purchase just the compiler and the required plug ins for the Open Source, Java based IDE known as Eclipse. You can read more about it here.

System Requirements

KOBOL supports the following operating systems:

KOBOL has the following minimum hardware requirements:

Demo Version

Want to try out KOBOL? You can download a demo version from this page.

Plug Ins

We have a growing selection of plug ins available for the product, you can see a list of them on the right panel of this page under "sub-products", clicking on those links will take you to a detailed page describing the plug ins function. You can order any of the plug ins by selecting them from the order combo box to the right and adding it to your shopping cart. Please note that the plug ins are useless without owning the base application, so you must already own it or purchase it to make productive use of your plug ins.

Pricing and Ordering

Licensing information

TheKompany.com is offering KOBOL under a special end-user license.

The license for KOBOL provides for free, unlimited electronic updates to the core application. What do we mean by the core application? KOBOL has been designed with a plug-in architecture that allows us to extend the functionality in ways you may or may not be interested in -- for example, a plug-in that facilitated database oriented website creation.

By making the core application useful to the greatest number of people, at the lowest price, you can spend whatever you want to make the application exactly what you are interested in.

Let us know any ideas you have for enhancements or plug ins by sending email to info@thekompany.com.