Linux Magazine - 11 Small Distros

Linux Magazine - 11 Small Distros
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Wie großartig klein sein kann, zeigen die Distris auf dieser DVD: Die Winzlinge im Speicher sind riesig in der Leistung. Die Distris brauchen nicht mehr als 50 MB, passen also mühelos auf eine CD oder einen USB-Stick - die 11 besten Winzlinge vereint!

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A whole small distro can fit on a CD or USB stick, along with word processing documents and other files needed for a completely portable environment. Some distros on this DVD are as small as 50 MB.

This month's DVD provides a collection of 8 bootable live distros. Stick in the DVD, boot your system, and choose from the convenient menu. Also included are three bonus distros stored as ISO images.

On this DVD:

This single DVD format lets you try each of these distros to decide which is best fpr your environment. Keep this DVD by your side and change systems whenever you like with the convenient boot menu.

We hope you enjoy this month's "Best Of Small Distros" DVD.

Auf dieser DVD ist enthalten:

Puppy Linux 2.12

This puppy is bred for speed and comfort. You'll also find good hardware detection and convenient desktop desktop features.

BackTrack 2

This sharp security tool is designed for penetration testing and offers a modular design for easy customization.

Damn Small Linux 3.1

This versatile Linux comes whith a nearly complete desktop, featuring tools such as Firefox, the XMMS multimedia playe, Sylpheed email, and other Linux applications.

GoboLinux 013

GoboLinux provides a unique structure for organizing the system, allowing you to determite what software is installed and which files belong to which programm.

grml 0.9

This admin-oriented distro provides text tools and other utilities. grml is a popular rescue CD that can also be used for analysis and testing.

GParted 0.3.2

GParted is a Linux utility for managing dirk partitions. The Live distro is a scaled-down Linux system that can be used for configuring and troubleshooting disk partitions.

SabayonLinux 3.2. mini Edition

Sabayon is a Gentoo-based distro designed for performance, versatility, and stability, and it comes whith the poewerful Portage Package Manage.

Zenwalk 4.0

The Zenwalk creators strive to deliver a system that is equally suited to development, desktop, and multimedia tasks.

3 bonus distros stored as ISO images:

IPCop 1.4.11

A small Linux designed as a firewall system.

SLAX 5.1.8

A Slackware-based distro that is easyto customize and includes support for unionfs.

VectorLinux 5.8

Another Slackware-based Linux with good hardware detection and easy package management.