The Official Gnome 2 Developers Guide

- Von Matthias Warkus
The Official Gnome 2 Developers Guide
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The first English-language book about developing with GNOME 2.

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GNOME, the popular *NIX desktop enviroment, isnĀ“t just a pretty face. The GNOME developerĀ“s platform gives you the full power of the GNOME enviroment. Learn the API so that you can quickly build true GNOME applications.

Numerous well-annotated examples clearly demonstrate each GNOME feature, with an accompanying reference section to support each topic. A detailed glossary and extensive index round out the book, making it a necessary addition to your development library. Prerequisites: Knowledge of the C programming language, but no GUI programming experience required.



Matthias Warkus has been using Linux since the age of sixteen. He has worked with the GNOME Foundation to produce the German localization of GNOME, published articles and lectured on GNOME, and spent considerable time working on the GNOME source code.