Free BSD 5.1 Stable Release DVD June 2003

Das neueste Technology Release von FreeBSD
Free BSD 5.1 Stable Release DVD June 2003
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Diese DVD enthält über die FreeBSD 5.1 Version hinaus den aktuellen Snapshot des FreeBSD 4.8 stable, den kompletten FreeBSD-CVS-Tree sowie eine Vielzahl an zusätzlichen Paketen.

Sprache: International
Betriebssystem: FreeBSD
CPU-Architektur: x86
Hersteller: Freebsdmall
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The FreeBSD DVD is packed-full of everything FreeBSD. This DVD will enrich your FreeBSD experience and save you countless hours of searching and downloading. Practically everything you need to be a FreeBSD power user is included. Stop jumbling around multiple discs when you can have everything you need on one.

Included on this DVD:

An invaluable collection of FreeBSD installations, 5.1-RELEASE binary packages, and BSD source references. The ultimate for any BSD lover and enthusiast.